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Salem Press Science Titles

Salem Science Provides a wide variety of resources to help students and researchers explore robotics, computer science, ecology, biology, earth science, the solar system, the environment, applied science, mathematics, and so much more. These important sources provide the tools you need to support your science and STEM curriculums and research needs. 

Ancient Creatures

Applied Science

Biomes & Ecosytems

Earth Science

Encyclopedia of Climate Change

Encyclopedia of Energy

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues

Encylopedia of Global Resources

Forensic Science

Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Animal Life

Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life

Notable Natural Disaters 

Principles of Science Series

The Solar System

USA in Space

Salem Press Mathematics Titles

"This reference work is highly recommended for academic, public, and possibly high school collections." -ARBA

Encyclopedia of Mathematics & Society

Salem Press Careers Titles

These exceptional resources help students, undergraduates and adult job seekers learn about today's cutting-edge careers from real professionals.

Careers in Archaeology & Museum Services

Careers in the Music Industry

Careers in Biotechnology

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Public Administration

Careers in Writing & Editing

Careers in Psychology

Careers in Protective Services

Careers in Green Energy

Careers in Social Media

Careers in Financial Services

Careers in the Arts: Fine, Performing & Visual

Careers in Information Technology

Careers in Sales, Insurance & Real Estate

Careers in Science & Engineering

Careers in Human Services

Careers in Business

Careers in Law, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services   

Careers in Healthcare

Careers in Chemistry 

Careers: Paths to Entrepreneurship 

Careers in Biology

Careers in Cybersecurity

Careers in Forensic Science

Careers in Gaming

Careers Working with Children

Careers in Transportation

Careers in Nursing

Careers in Sports Medicine & Training

Careers Outdoors

Careers Overseas

Careers in Sports & Fitness

Careers in Education & Training

Careers in Manufacturing & Production

Careers in Building Construction

Careers in Technical Services & Equipment Repair

Careers in Environment & Conservation

Careers in Hospitality & Tourism

Careers in Communications & Media

Careers in Physics 

Careers Working with Animals

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Careers in the Automotive Industry

Careers in Fish & Wildlife

Careers in Intelligence & National Security

Careers in Illustration & Animation

Careers in Medical Technology

Careers in Healthcare, Second Edition

Careers in Human Services, Second Edition

Careers in Heavy Equipment Operation, Maintenance & Repair

Contemporary Biography Titles

Contemporary Biographies in Communications & Media

Contemporary Biographies in Environment & Conservation

Contemporary Biographies in Healthcare

Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism     

Contemporary Biographies in Law, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services

Contemporary Biographies in Physics

Contemporary Biographies in Business

Contemporary Biographies in Chemistry


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