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Careers Working with Children

April 2020

This volume profiles more than twenty careers open to individuals interested in working with children, whether as a care provider, educator, policy-maker, or social worker. This volume explores opportunities spanning a number of fields and areas of interest including the following:

  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Day Care & Pre-School
  • Elementary & Middle Schools
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Social Work & Therapy
  • Law
  • Arts & Media

Careers Working with Children provides detailed and need-to-know information on various careers available to individuals who are passionate about working with children whether in direct care positions, as an advocate, or as an educator. Each chapter provides a wealth of real-world information including A Day in the Life, Work Environment, Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, Employment Outlook, Networking Contacts, Areas with the Highest Employment Levels, and Conversations with Real Professionals.