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Careers Working with Infants & Children

April 2020

This volume profiles more than twenty careers open to individuals interested in working with children, whether as a care provider, educator, policy-maker, or social worker. This volume explores opportunities spanning a number of fields and areas of interest.

A CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for December 2020

The types of careers for those who plan to work with children and infants include such traditional caretaking positions as preschool directors and preschool aides, school nursing, and kindergarten teachers. Others may intend to pursue careers in medicine with the goal of working with children as pediatricians, dentists, oncologists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners. Still, others may be interested in teaching opportunities working with English Language Learners (ELL), in special education, or as a reading specialist. Social workers and judges in juvenile courts are also vital to the well-being of children, along with psychologists and therapists.

The next section in Careers Working with Infants & Children details 29 Profiles in related occupations, including:

  • Art Therapists
  • Bus Drivers
  • Coach and Scouts
  • Dietician and Nutritionist
  • ESL Teacher
  • Food Service Manager
  • Judges and Hearing Officers
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Pediatrician
  • Photographer
  • Preschool and Childcare Center Directors
  • Recreation Program Director
  • Social Worker
  • and more

Interesting enhancements, like “A Day in the Life of…”, and several charts and tables, add depth to the discussion. A highlight of each chapter is the Conversation With—a comprehensive interview with a professional in a related job. This section offers insight into specific areas of writing & editing including a judge; kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers; a sports coach; a preschool director; the director of a school food service program; a bus driver, and more.

Each chapter begins with a Snapshot of the occupation that includes median pay, job outlook, typical entry-level education, number of jobs, on-the-job training, and employment change. This is followed by these major categories:

  • Career Overview includes a description of the career in terms of its: duties, examples of titles of positions in that specific career, work environment, and work schedules.
  • How to Become…that explains how to begin and grow a career within a specific career profile by describing important qualities, education, licenses and certifications, and advancement opportunities.
  • Similar Occupations lists specific jobs that are related in some way to the writing/editing career profiled.
  • Job Outlook and Job Prospects describe the current and anticipated rate of growth for a specific career and compares to other jobs in the area.

Additionally, this title includes back matter of:

  • Appendix A: Guide to Holland Code. This discusses John Holland’s theory that people and work environments can be classified into six different groups: Realistic; Investigative; Artistic; Social; Enterprising; and Conventional.
  • Appendix B: General Bibliography. This is a collection of suggested readings, organized into major categories.
  • Appendix C: Web Resources. Online resources for education, certification, professional development, and networking can be found in this appendix.
  • Subject Index: Includes people, concepts, technologies, terms, principles, and all specific occupations discussed in the occupational profile chapters.

This ongoing series serves as a stepping stone in understanding specific careers and provides a wealth of information on the education and training needed within each profession along with a look towards the future of the field with an informative employment outlook.

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