Scrolling Book Carousels

If you would like your students or patrons to be able to browse through your Salem Press or Grey House content, right on your website, we can make a custom Scrolling Book Carousel for your library.

The Scrolling Book Carousel displays all titles that you have active on your platform.  Remote access is built right in, to make in-library and remote access easy.  The Carousel is an easy way for you to promote your titles to your students and researchers and increase your usage.

Email to request your Scrolling Book Carousel.  Please let us know which size you would like us to create for you and whether you would like all titles in your Carousel, or if you would like separate Carousels for History, Literature, Science, Health, or Careers.  We will send along the code to install on your website.

For more promotional tools, visit these pages to download Logos and install Search Widgets.

One-Book Scrolling Carousel

This version works best in small spaces on your website, like a LibGuides sidebar or other smaller spaces.

The widget to the right is 200 pixels wide by 350 pixels high.

Two-Book Scrolling Carousel

If you have a space on your website that's a little larger, select the two-book carousel. 

The widget to the right is 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

Three-Book Scrolling Carousel

If you would like your carousel to appear in a space that is about two-thirds the width of a web page, the three-book widget fits well in that space.

The carousel to the right is 660 pixels wide by 280 pixels high.

Four-Book Scrolling Carousel

If you would like you widget to fit in the full width of your web page, choose the four-book widget.

The widget below is 1024 pixels wide by 500 pixels high.