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Careers In

Exceptional resources that help students, undergraduates, and adult job seekers learn about today's cutting-edge careers from real professionals.

Great Events from History

A multi-volume series detailing the most important events throughout history, worldwide.

U.S. Government & the States

U.S. government & states titles provide a wide variety of resources to help students and researchers explore many aspects of the  government.

Principles of Sociology

This new series provides valuable information on a wide range of issues that relate to personal relationships, group behavior, issues in society and how society organizes, develops, and changes.

Great Lives from History

A multi-volume series detailing the biographies of important people throughout history, worldwide.

Critical Insights

One of Salem's most popular series, Critical Insights series distills the best of both classic and current literary criticism of the world's most-studied literature.

The Decades in America

Comprehensive history of the United States and Canada in the twentieth century, divided into decades by sets.


More than 2,200 reference articles focusing on plot summaries, critical commentary, character profiles, literary settings and biographical profiles of world famous novels, plays, poems and works of nonfiction.

Critical Surveys of Literature

Comprehensive history of the United States and Canada in the twentieth century, divided into decades by sets.

Introduction to Literary Context

Provides introductory overviews of some of the world's best-known works of literature, including novels, short stories, novellas, and poems.

Magill's Literary Annual

Evaluates 150 major examples of serious literature published during the previous calendar year. Covers works that are likely to be of particular interest to the general reader, than reflect publishing trends, and that will stand the test of time.


Profiles the most innovative and important individuals in history, many of whom have never been covered in any Salem Press set before.

Literary Cyclopedias

Examines characters and places in important works of literature.

Critical Approaches to Literature

Provides students and researches with fresh insight into the various critical approaches to literary criticism. 

Principles of Science

This series provides high school students and undergraduates with a solid foundation to the study of several popular fields of science.

Principles of Business

Provides high school students, undergraduates, and public library patrons with a solid foundation to six important areas of business studies.

Defining Documents

These information-packed titles provide accessible, in-depth, and thought-provoking analysis of the most important primary source documents that helped define U.S. and World History.

Salem Health

This comprehensive consumer health collection covers all aspects of human health: addictions, aging, diseases, nutrition, adolescent and women's health, psychology, alternative treatments, and more.

Principles of Health

This new series from Salem Press provides high school students, undergraduates and public library patrons with a solid foundation for their health.