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Salem provides full level bibliographic records for everything we publish. These records follow AACR2 and LCRI rules. We deliver these records to you in a machine-readable format per your specifications.

Our Online Specifications

Libraries and schools can specify the cataloging and processing they require by filling out our downloadable form ( Click Here to download an Acrobat file of it). Alternatively, you can complete the cataloging and processing area of our Registration Profile. This online form can be completed and modified at any time. Our Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.

A significant number of customizations to Standard records can be made without charge. We deliver these bibliographic records with profile-driven classifications and holdings records individualized for your library:

  • Includes a full level bibliographic record.
  • Offers a choice of Dewey or LC classifications.
  • Provides a choice of Sears, LC or LCAC subject headings.
  • Includes local customization at no charge.
  • Supplied call numbers are available.
  • Account management reports are provided regularly.
  • Smart barcodes are available.

Our basic cataloging and processing options are flexible and affordable. You may choose Dewey or LC classifications, Sears, LC, or LCAC subject headings, or even supply your own call numbers. In addition, brief customized item records and smart barcodes can be supplied to minimize bibliographic record maintenance before new items can be shelved.

Our catalogers review, modify, and upgrade original MARC cataloging. MARC and item records can be shipped in a variety of formats compatible with your local library management software or via FTP download.

Sears Subject Headings and Dewey Classification

Sears List of Subject Headings is a list of subject headings accompanying Dewey numbers primarily used by small to medium sized public and school libraries.

Dewey Classification

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, devised by library pioneer Melvil Dewey in the 1870s and owned by OCLC since 1988, provides a dynamic structure for the organization of library collections. Now in its 22nd edition, and available in print and Web versions, the DDC is the world's most widely used library classification system.

The Benefits and Features of Dewey Classification Records

MARC Records provide a logical system for organizing every item in your library's unique collection. They also offer library users the familiarity and consistency of a time-honored classification system used in 200,000 libraries worldwide.

LC Classification

The Library of Congress classification system is one that organizes books and other library materials by subject to make it easier to browse the shelves for materials on a specific topic. Library of Congress call numbers always begin with letters of the alphabet. The letters identify the subject of the work. Although LC divides subjects into broad categories, it is essentially enumerative in nature.