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Careers in Writing and Editing

February 2020

A career in writing and editing offers opportunities far beyond the classic paths of novelists, poets, and reporters. In fact, there is a wide array of options for those with a desire to work in this feild, even as traditional print publications, like newspapers and magazines, evolve into online platforms. This volume considers the changing landscape of work opportunities for writers and editors, including freelance, remote, and contract work for writers and editors; photo and video editing; copyediting and proofreading; scriptwriting; assessment writing; grant writing; indexing; and more.

This volume takes a closer look at careers in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business 
  • Education
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Science

Each chapter provides a wealth of real-world information including A Day in the Life, Work Environment, Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, Employment Outlook, Networking Contacts, Areas with the Highest Employment Levels, and Conversations with Real Professionals.