Opening Day Collections

Selecting titles for the reference area in an opening day collection is a complex task. There are many different approaches that serve libraries well. Our effort here isn't to substitute for your judgment, experience or knowledge of your local needs. Instead, it is to provide a variety of "lists" that will serve as starting points. Contact your sales representative for our recommendations for Salem Press printed reference at various budget levels for our portion of your reference section.

Contact Your Sales Representative to Order

In an effort to support and assist those faced with the high costs of new collections, Salem Press offers special discounts on opening day collections. We extend these to our direct customers (buying via field representatives, customer service by phone or fax and over the web) and we cooperate with all major wholesalers, offering deeper discounts through them than is the norm. Please call our customer service representatives for help in coordinating these special discounts.

All orders direct to Salem for $750 or more qualify for free cataloging and processing. In almost all cases, this includes your opening day collection.


Main Library - A collection for the anchor institution among branches.

Large Library - A large, single public library.

Medium-sized Library - Mid-sized public library.

Small Library - A library with limited resources.


See a full list of Salem Press' bestselling titles here. Any of our bestselling titles can be added to your new collection list.

If you need help with products and ordering, setting up a new account, or working with this website, call or email us:

Phone: (800) 221-1592