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Salem has a long tradition of expanding and improving its reference works. Masterplots, for instance, began life in 1949 as a survey of 500 works of literature. Publication of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th series followed, and the individual essays were compiled into a multivolume Masterplots in 1960. The current edition, the 12-volume Fourth Edition, published in 2010, includes essays on 2,200 works of literature. Masterplots, 2010-2018 Supplement, it set to be published in Fall 2018.

Magill's Literary Annual has been continuously published since 1954, Great Events from History since 1972, Great Lives from History series since 1987, Critical Surveys since 1981 and the renowned Critical Insights series since 2009. Salem refers to those reference collections, which we publish and update regularly as "continuations."

We provide for the automatic delivery of new editions and revisions through our Standing Order Plan. This allows you to select those areas of our reference offerings that you certainly want to include in your collection and pre-order them. One copy of each new title under the plan you select will automatically be sent to your library as it becomes available. If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your standing order, just give us 30 day's notice.

Standing Order Plans qualify for an automatic 10% discount on all materials delivered. This discount prevails regardless of the size of each delivery and includes free freight and book processing.