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The Solar System

September 2024

Designed to meet the needs of both general readers and students, this new edition of The Solar System covers over 200 major topics on Earth’s solar system.

New and updated essays highlight the latest discoveries in our solar system, including new images from the Webb telescope project. Chapters cover the Cosmological Context, Earth, the Jovian System, Life in the Solar System, Mars, Mercury, Natural Planetary Satellites, Neptune, Planets and Planetology, the Saturnian System, Scientific Methods, Small Bodies, the Solar System as a Whole, the Stellar Context, the Sun, Uranus, and Venus.

Each entry begins with an “Overview” detailing basic information about the subject. “Knowledge Gained & Methods of Study/Applications” details how the topic is investigated, what scientific knowledge we have accumulated, or the uses of the knowledge we have gained. “Context” addresses the topic from the larger perspective of the history of solar system science and its relevance for humankind. 

The set is heavily illustrated with hundreds of photos, along with a general bibliography, a list of web resources, a comprehensive glossary, and a full subject index.

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