The Solar System Review

“Extremely well written, this encyclopedia is recommended for high-school, public, and academic libraries.”
-Booklist, 2009

“The Solar System is once again treated to an encyclopedic endeavor. This three-volume work… presents the Solar System in exquisite detail. With 90 contributors from all over the country, the articles are informative, readable, and well organized. In addition to the traditional alphabetic listing of articles, the editors have assigned each article to a category. Articles falling under the same category are listed at the beginning of each volume. This feature enables the reader to see at a glance what articles are related to a topic. This is very handy. Most of the signed articles are extensive (the average about 2,000 words), with generous illustrations (all half tone). All articles offer further reading, a list of external resources, and see also options (reflecting category choices) of related articles within the set. The articles are written for a broad audience, minuscule mathematical exposure, and skillful use of technical language to appeal to an audience of wide-ranging abilities. A set of appendixes can be found at the end of volume 3. These include a very nice glossary where terms are provided with ample definitions, a general bibliography, a list of Websites, and an extensive subject index. The glossary affords the reader another dimension to the terminology found in the encyclopedia. With over 600 entries in the bibliography, most people will be able to retrieve something…The subject index offers higher granularity to accessing the content of the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia is appropriate and recommended for school libraries, public libraries, and general academic collections.”
-ARBA, 2010

“…this is an excellent and thorough resource, recommended for academic and public libraries.”
-Library Journal, 2009

“The result is a substantial introduction to our understanding of the universe which will serve both students and general readers. This set is recommended for school and public libraries.”
-Gale Reference Reviews, 2009

“This set is recommended for public libraries or general academic collections that may not have the previous series.”
-ARBA, 1999