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Salem Health: Infectious Diseases & Conditions

Editor: H. Bradford Hawley, M.D., FACP, FCCP, FIDSA, FSHEA Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University
April 2019

An A-Z encyclopedia covering all aspects of infectious diseases and their prevention, offering historical and technical background with a balanced discussion of discoveries, developments, and prognoses.

A Library Journal Best Reference Title for 2019

This second edition of Salem Health: Infectious Diseases & Conditions presents essays on a variety of topics in infectious, or communicable, diseases. 

Now featuring regular updates to the digital version, providing the newest information available on COVID-19, or Coronavirus. This information will be updated frequently as new details, knowledge, and statistics are released.

Scope & Coverage

This A-Z encyclopedia arranges 632 essays covering all aspects of infectious diseases. This title surveys infectious disease from a variety of perspectives, offering historical and technical (disease-specific) background with a balanced discussion of discoveries, developments, and prognoses. Essays on specific diseases and conditions constitute the core coverage and range from discussions of the common, such as acne and influenza, to the rare, such as prion diseases and necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating bacteria. 

The set also includes essays reflecting the global reach of infectious disease, exploring topics such as emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, developing countries, epidemics and pandemics, endemic diseases, tropical medicine, globalization, neglected tropical diseases, water quality and treatment, sanitation, and travel. Prominent in the set is a discussion of the work of the World Health Organization and other such global health agencies.

Organization & Format

Essays vary in length from one to five pages. Every essay begins with ready-reference top matter:

  • Category - lists the focus of the essay (Diagnosis, Diseases and conditions, Epidemiology, Immune response, Pathogen, Prevention, Transmission, and Treatment;
  • Also Known As - provides alternative names used;
  • Transmission Route - is listed for pathogen essays;
  • Anatomy or System Affected - lists areas of the body affected for diseases and conditions essays;
  • Definition - introduces, defines, and describes essay topic;

Essays on disease and conditions provide information in the following text subsections:

  • Causes
  • Risk Factors
  • Symptoms
  • Screening and Diagnosis
  • Treatment and Therapy
  • Prevention and Outcomes

Pathogen essays include Natural Habitat and Features as well as a sidebar providing the pathogen's taxonomic classification, listing information on genus and species, among other ranks.

Topical Subheads and explanation of Impact are included in essays covering diagnosis, epidemiology, immune response, prevention, and treatment. All essays conclude with Contributor Byline, Further Reading, Web Sites of Interest, and See Also.

Special Features

  • Key Terms and Facts
  • Newsworthy Topics
  • Questions to Ask One's Health Care Provider
  • Tables and Statistical Data
  • Photographs, Charts and other Media

Reference Tools (glossary, bibliography, resources, web sites, medical journals, pharmaceutical list) and Historical Resources (timeline of major developments in infectious disease, biographical dictionary of scientists in infectious disease, Nobel Prize for discoveries in infectious disease) finalize Volume 3, as well as three indexes for subject, category, and entries by anatomy or system affected.

The essays were written for non-specialists by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, clinical practitioners, researchers, and therapists, as well as professors in science and medicine and professional medical writers. Salem Health: Infectious Diseases & Conditions will interest science and premedical students, students of epidemiology and public health, students of global and tropical medicine, public library patrons, and librarians building collections in science and medicine.

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