Salem Health: Infectious Diseases & Conditions Review

“This three-volume set in the "Salem Health" series presents 610 signed essays…Essays discuss all aspects of infectious diseases, e.g., pathogens, disease transmission, vaccines, drug resistance, bioterrorism, and social concerns. Contributors include medical professionals, clinical practitioners, researchers, science/medicine professors, and professional medical writers. Alphabetically arranged entries range in length from one to five pages, and include a definition, category listings, further reading suggestions, websites of interest, and see also references. Some entries feature black-and-white images or tables. Volume 3 includes appendixes consisting of reference tools (glossary, medical journals list, and pharmaceuticals list) and historical resources (a time line of major developments, scientists' biographies, and Nobel Prizes awarded for important discoveries). Three indexes list entries by anatomy or systems affected, category, and subject

Libraries updating their collection in infectious diseases will find this a valuable resource. Those libraries that own Salem Health: Genetics and Inherited Conditions and Salem Health: Cancer, both edited by J. A. Knight, will want to acquire it…Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through graduate students, professionals/practitioners, and general readers.”

“The work is very thorough and informative and would be of use to those recently diagnosed with cancer, their loved ones, or students in health sciences programs. Purchase of the print edition comes with free online access…This title is recommended for public and academic libraries.”