Salem Health: Cancer Review

“Previously published in 2009, this work, now in its second edition, edited by Buratovich and Jackson‐ Grusby, includes updated bibliographies, statistics, research, and medical practices. The detailed index identifies main articles in bold font, picks up passing references in other essays (e.g., “Tamoxifen”), and contains “see‐also” references. Featured are 796 brief, accurate entries with informative and reassuring presentations that most nonmedical readers will follow easily. Alphabetically arranged subjects generally appear only once within one of the ten sections, making it best to use the index for simple and thorough access. Sections particularly helpful to patients, caregivers, family, and friends are “Diseases, Symptoms & Conditions,” “Procedures,” “Complementary & Alternative Therapies,” “Medical Specialties,” “Social and Personal Issues,” and “Lifestyle & Prevention.” “Cancer Biology,” “Carcinogens & Suspected Carcinogens,” and “Chemotherapy & Other Drugs” will be of particular interest to biology, biochemistry, and premed students. This set is more compact and approachable for non‐specialists in need of wide‐ranging cancer specific material.
VERDICT this excellent book will be of interest to cancer patients and their caregivers, family members, and loved ones; nonprofessionals with a general interest in health; and biology, biochemistry, and premed students.”
‐ Library Journal