Countries, Peoples & Cultures

“This sixth volume in the nine‐volume Countries, Peoples & Cultures series focuses on 23 distinct countries in eastern and southern Africa, including Botswana, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, to name a few, aiming to provide readers with a sound understanding of a large amount of material. An introduction provides a good overview which helps readers grasp the scale of the information concerning economics, politics, cultures, and more in the very different countries described in this volume. The material for each country is well organized into several categories: General Information, Environment and Geography, Customs and Courtesies, Lifestyle, Cultural History, Culture,
Society, Social Development, Government, and Economy. These categories are further subdivided.Readers will also find the country’s flag, as well as fast facts, statistics, and maps depicting major cities, landmarks, and regional location. Color photographs sprinkled throughout the volume add interest. Country essays, at approximately 15 pages each, provide current details about youth culture, food, women’s issues, and language, among other things.”
‐ ARBA, on Eastern & Southern Africa

“The book is attractively designed and could be of interest to general readers, travelers andstudents seeking a quick synopsis of the life and culture of Western and Central Africa.”
‐ARBA, on Western & Central Africa

“The structure and scope of this series makes it ideal for secondary school students across several disciplines, including history and geography.”
‐ARBA, on East Asia & the Pacific