Careers in Nursing

"Salem Press's Careers in Nursing is a new reference source for people who are considering nursing careers but still weighing their options. While content like this is valuable, especially for these types of careers, this book has several drawbacks. First, because it is a print source, its content will soon be out-of-date. Information like median pay, number of jobs, and other data are already two years old (from 2017). Second, while reviewer was happy to see an extensive bibliography for each section, citations for quick facts, and a final, general bibliography, the value of the sources cited is dubious: there was more commercial websites than government or education websites; very few originated from trade publications or academic journals. Finally, the authorship and responsibility is unclear. The publisher identifies no editor, and while contributors are named at the end of some chapters, no accompanying information lists their affiliation or qualifications. Still, content such as interviews as professionals in the field, a consideration of the Holland occupational themes personality theory, and information about less popular fields like criminal justice of the insurance industries are useful. Summing up: Recommended with reservations. Undergraduates." - CHOICE

Editor's Top 75 Community College Resources for September 2019 -CHOICE