Careers in Environment & Conservation Review

“Sustainability is becoming increasingly diverse as a field of inquiry and practice. It traverses territories spanning green energy and construction, recycling, sustainable land use, water reclamation, and related fields. Innovations in environmental conservation are developing whole new industries and needs for workers. This guidebook highlights 25 careers, including energy engineer, landscape architect, oceanographer, and renewable energy technician. The basics of each career are explored in a 3,500-4,500 word chapter, which provides an overview, the work environment, duties and responsibilities, occupational specialties, education requirements, and earnings, plus an interview with a professional in the field. Fun facts and famous historical moments serve as callouts on the pages. The Holland Code for each career is included-helpful for career exploration classroom activities. Employment statistics and salary data come from the US Bureau of Labor. The two appendixes provide a guide to the Holland Codes and some suggested readings. The subject index covers the people, terminology, and general content of the occupational profiles. Designed for high school and college audiences and edited to align with curricular standards. Summing Up:Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates; community-college students; general readers.”
- Choice