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Principles of Probability & Statistics

January 2024

Probability and statistics are essential tools for nearly every field of analysis.

This volume presents the basic principles and applications of probability and statistics, as well as methods of data collection, proper interpretation of data, and many other topics, allowing readers to acquire a sound knowledge base for their understanding of probability and statistics in the real world.

  • Artificial Intelligence Chaotic Systems 
  • Climate Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Digital Logic
  • Earthquake Prediction
  • Game Theory
  • Immunology & Vaccinations 
  • Numerical Analysis
  •  Pattern Recognition
  • Sports Engineering 
  • Stem Cell Research

This volume also explores how probability and statistics are essential to data science, finance and economics, medicine and healthcare, market and social research, engineering, environmental science, sports analytics, quality control and manufacturing, and risk management and insurance. With approximately 125 entries, this new volume gives readers a solid overview of statistics and the major concepts and contemporary issues surrounding the role of probability theory in the world.

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