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Salem Health: Psychology & Behavioral Health

Editor: Paul Moglia, PhD, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, NY
May 2023

This updated fifth edition includes over 700 articles. All entries have been reviewed by our team of medical experts to ensure that the most up-to-date information on disorders, treatments, drugs, and therapies are included. Dozens of new entries have also been added to the set. Essays range from one to eight pages each and address how culture, ethnicity, and gender affect psychological theory and beliefs.

This five-volume encyclopedia covers the history of psychology as an experimental and social science, as an applied health discipline, as a profession, and as a meeting point for some of the greatest minds in the field. This set discusses behaviorism, cognition, perception, cognitive behavioral psychology, psychodynamic psychology, object relations theory, family systems therapy, Gestalt therapy, the biological bases of human behavior, sexuality, personality theory, and comparative therapies of treatment. Also included are mental and behavioral health diagnoses, disorders, and syndromes, and how they are assessed. Essays also address how culture, ethnicity, and gender affect psychological theory and beliefs, treatment outcomes, and acquiring self-identity. There are essays focused on individual assessment and evaluation instruments including their strengths and limitations.

Essays begin with standard information, including any relevant dates, the type of psychology, and the field(s) of study, then offer a clear and concise discussion of the topic. Entries on mental illnesses address cause, diagnosis, treatment, and impact. Entries on theories or schools examine origin, history, and current status. Entries on organizations cover history and functions. Entries on psychological tests discuss development and applications. Biographical entries focus on the life, career, and contributions of the individual. All terminology is explained for each article, and context is provided to make the information accessible to general readers. Every entry ends with a list of Sources for Further Study, as well as cross-references to related articles within the set.

Also included in the final volume are eight appendixes, including: a Glossary; an annotated general Bibliography; a Website Directory; a list of Organizations and Support; a Pharmaceutical List of generic and brand-name drugs grouped by their uses; a Biographical List of Psychologists with brief profiles of major figures; and a list of Notable Court Cases that mark important legal milestones in the history of psychology. At the back of every volume is a Category Index divided into sixty-one groups, and a Personages Index and a Subject Index are additionally included in Volume 5. A must-have encyclopedic review of all things psychological, Psychology & Behavioral Health is written for the non-specialist with either an academic or clinical interest in any of the wide range of topics in the broad scope of human activity and understanding that comes under the umbrella of psychology.

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