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Defining Documents in World History: 17th Century (1601-1700)

Editor: David Simonelli, PhD
June 2017

This title offers in-depth analysis of a broad range of historical documents and historic events that make up the story of a century marked by scientific discovery, codification of laws, the development of religious doctrine, civil war, colonization, and the expansion of trade on a global level.

The 17th Century contains 49 primary source documents—many in their entirety. Each document is supported by a critical essay, written by historians and teachers, that includes:

  • Summary Overview
  • Defining Moment
  • Author Biography
  • Document Analysis
  • Essential Themes

Readers will appreciate the diversity of the collected texts, including speeches, letters, political and religious sermons, laws, edicts, and charters among other genres. 

The 49 Articles in these volumes are organized into seven sections:

  • Europe: Science, Religion, and Law
  • England: Civil War and Revolution
  • Christianity and Society in the East
  • The Muslim World: Trade and Toleration
  • European Colonies in the Americas: The English Mid-Atlantic
  • European Colonies in the Americas: New England
  • European Colonies in the Americas: Other Colonies

Articles begin by introducing readers to the historical context surrounding the document, followed by a description of the author's life and circumstances in which the document was written. Next, a detailed analysis of the document provides an in-depth examination of the issues surrounding the document and its historical significance. An historical timeline and bibliography of supplemental readings will support readers in understanding the broader historical events and subjects in the period. 

Appendixes include: a Chronological List, Web Resources of supplemental resources, and Bibliography.

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