Critical Survey of Drama Review

“The Critical Survey of Drama, third edition, has been revised and updated to include significant playwrights who have emerged since the 2003 second edition and reorganized so that it now begins with a series of overview essays followed by dramatist profiles before ending in appendixes… The sole editor on this edition, Rollyson has accomplished an admirable feat as the essays are accessible yet astute and cover an exhaustive, if conventional, array of subjects throughout the 8 volumes. This set is a solid cornerstone to any reference collection which seeks to include drama as a subject area and would be appropriate to both larger public and academic libraries, especially those in support of theater arts programs.”
-ARBA, 2018

“This massive, masterfully done survey should receive serious consideration for acquisition by most mid- to large-sized public and academic libraries, even if re-working the book budget is necessary.”
-ARBA, 2004

“This title succeeds in what it sets out to do: provide a solid, basic reference on most of the major and/or important playwrights of the world and the drama of most countries. Recommended for large public and academic libraries.”
-Library Journal, 2004

“A must purchase.”
-Gale (Reference for Students)

“Highly recommended for all public and academic libraries.”
-Library Journal, 1994