Critical Survey of Mythology & Folklore: Creation Myths Review

"Covering creation myths and relevant gods and goddesses even beyond creation, this two-volume reference set includes more than 400 entries about 10 major regions around the world. The short introduction defines myth in terms of societal worldviews and discusses how myths are studied. The section on creation myths and stories has its own structure for each entry: author/time period/country or culture/genre “capsule,” plot summary, analysis and significance, and influence. The entries in the section on gods and goddesses list culture, time period and locale as relevant, and related figures or civilizations; each entry then provides overview, place in mythology, origins and cults, and popular-culture presence. Entries vary in length from one to nine pages; all are signed and include further readings. A few sidebars address cross-cultural topics such as myth into art. Black-and-white and color images dot the text. Several indexes conclude volume 2. The writing is both professional and engaging in quality. While not inclusive, this reference work offers a one-stop source for foundational information about creation myths and deities."–Booklist