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Critical Survey of Mythology & Folklore: Gods & Goddesses

December 2018

Many mythological traditions from around the world seek to explain the origins of the earth, human beings, and the forces of nature. This set examines the stories associated with gods and goddesses: their relationships with each other and with human beings; their faults, foibles, strengths, and special powers. It offers explanations of how the gods and goddesses gifted humans with life, water, fire, music, and dance. Nearly 220 essays detail gods and goddess from around the globe: the Greek and Roman pantheon including Zeus, Neptune, Nike, and Aphrodite; Norse gods including Odin and Loki; Native American deities including Hunahpu and Xbalanque; and Egyptian gods and goddesses like Ra and Osiris. All articles include a section devoted to the representation of the gods and their stories in popular culture, discussing films, novels, and comic books. The content in this set is arranged by region and “myth cycle.” In addition, the set includes maps and information about places dedicated to the deities such as forests, wells, lakes, and caves, illustrations, poetry related to gods, and creation myths. Valuable back matter includes several Finding Guides that arrange content by region and special powers, and a Subject Index.

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