Principles of Botany Review

CHOICE Editor's Top 75 Community College Resources for December 2020

This work is part of the Salem Press Principles of Science series, which covers fundamental concepts relevant in a number of different scientific disciplines. Arranged alphabetically in encyclopedia style, it includes 145 articles each incorporating a list of key concepts, a detailed write-up on the topic at hand, and a short bibliographic section for further reading. A glossary, index, and cumulative bibliography complete the volume. The latter, a bibliography incorporating works consulted by the contributing authors as well as recommended readings, encompasses both historical publications and relatively up-to-date works, primarily monographs. The index is comprehensive and includes species names mentioned in the text. Print purchase includes online access after activation on the Salem Press website. This is a good, solid work suitable for more reference collections, similar to and perhaps a good update for Magill’s Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life from the same publisher before it became a Grey House imprint... Summing Up: Recommended. All readers."