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Principles of Health: Pain Management

February 2020

Principles of Health: Pain Management discusses the branch of medicine that deals with causes, evaluation, prevention, and treatment of pain across medical specialties.

The physiology of pain is well understood. Modern health care focuses a great deal on pain relief, and pharmaceutical companies invest huge amounts of effort into formulating better, safer and cheaper pain relievers. Pain can be artificially induced in laboratory animals without causing damage to the body. It can also be successfully relieved by a wide range of pharmaceutical agents and procedures, resulting in people living today with less pain than any of our predecessors. How­ever, there is still much to be learned about pain. To this end, this volume on pain and pain relief is designed for the curious, general reader who wishes to understand the phenomenon of pain more deeply. The articles in this volume provide a foundation for this fascinating, complex, and often deeply personal subject.

This work begins with a comprehensive Editor’s Introduction to the topic of pain management written by Michael Buratovich, Ph.D. Following the Introduction, Principles of Health: Pain Management includes 146 entries arranged in seven broad categories:

  • Pharmacological Treatments includes both pre­scription and over-the-counter drugs used to manage pain.
  • Non-Pharmacological Treatments include proce­dures, surgeries, techniques, and prevention methods.
  • Alternative Treatments are those not commonly used in Western medicine, including herbs and sup­plements and techniques like acupuncture and yoga.
  • Death and Dying deals with end-of-life issues and includes entries on palliative care and euthanasia.
  • Psychological Pain deals with mental and behav­ioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Pain-related to these disorders is often difficult to quantify and can lead to physical issues as well.
  • Pain and Addiction deals with the use and misuse of prescription pain medications and related epi­demics in the United States.
  • Common Ailments includes issues that most people will have to deal with at some point in their lives, such as Headache, Osteoporosis, and Sinusitis.

The content of this single-volume work discuss pain as both a symptom and a primary disease and includes a broad range of topics, including:

  • Physical vs. Emotional Pain
  • Treatment Plans
  • Pain Medications
  • Childhood Pain
  • Geriatric Pain

Each essay includes Principle Terms, multiple subheads including an opening Summary, and Further Reading. The volume ends with a Glossary, Bibliography, and Subject Index. 

Essays are comprehensive and accessible to high school and undergraduate students and general readers interested in the study, mechanics, and treatment of pain management - a must-have resource for students and researchers building a foundation in pain management.

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