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Principles of Health: Diabetes

August 2020

This volume offers up-to-date information on research, prevention, and treatment of the various types of diabetes. Written in clear, accessible language for not only those living with diabetes, but caregivers, and medical professionals as well, this work will prove invaluable to the more than 1.5 million people who are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Whether a patient, family, friend or caregiver you will find information to support you as you deal with this condition.

Coverage includes:

  • Mechanisms and Symptoms
  • Prevalence within demographic groups
  • Complications and co-morbidities
  • Risk factors and prevention methods
  • Natural and pharmacological treatments
  • Current and future research

Public library patrons, high school students, and undergraduates will find this volume accessible and comprehensive, with more than 100 entries written by experts in the field, each with Principle Terms, an Introductory Summary, and Further Reading. A Glossary, Bibliography and Subject Index enhance the work.