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Principles of Computer-aided Design

March 2022

This new resource explores the use of computers in the design process of many products and applications. CAD is used in such wide-ranging industries as shipbuilding, aerospace, and automotive design as well as in the medical field and architecture. In addition, CAD is used in the film industry to produce special effects and computer animation. CAD is a part of the design and manufacturing of almost anything imaginable. The introduction of this groundbreaking technology in the 1950s changed how many businesses approached design, engineering, and manufacturing. Initially used by only a small number of industries, CAD in the twenty-first century has become a part of nearly every facet of modern life. It is a valuable tool not only for engineers but also for artists, doctors, and entertainers.

Principles of Computer-aided Design includes 110 entries arranged in A to Z order to help make finding a topic of interest easy. Entries related to basic principles and concepts include a list of the Fields of Study covered by the article; an Abstract that provides a brief, concrete summary of the topic and its significance; a list of Key Concepts with definitions, important to a proper understanding of the topic; and a detailed Essay that provides extensive background on the topic and explores its significance to the field of computer-aided design; and a list of Further Reading for those who wish to pursue the topic in more depth.

Entries in Principles of Computer-aided Design range from one to five pages in length. Topics discussed include:

  • Aeronautics and Aviation
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • CAD Research and Theory
  • Dentistry
  • Ecodesign
  • Fossil Fuel Power Plants
  • Game Programming
  • Jet Engine Technology
  • Kinematics
  • Microscale 3D Printing
  • Prosthetics
  • Roller-Coaster Design
  • Solar Panel Design
  • 3D Printing
  • Web Graphic Design
  • And More!

This volume also includes several helpful appendixes, including:

  • A Glossary that defines all the key specialized terms used throughout the book
  • A comprehensive list of Further Reading, comprising all the works that the authors drew upon in writing their articles as well as subjects for further study
  • A Subject Index, that offers multiple points of entry for the reader

With 110 essays, this new volume will give readers an overview of the major concepts and contemporary issues surrounding the study of computer-aided design. Designed for students and researchers, this volume provides a fitting entry into a better understanding of this interesting yet complex subject of computer-aided design. This will be a helpful addition to science programs at the high school, community college, and university levels, and is a must for students with an interest in computer-aided design at the high school and undergraduate levels.

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