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Defining Documents in American History: Drug Policy

January 2020

It is clear that national attitudes about drug use, from tobacco and alcohol to heroin, have never been easy to resolve. Some argue for strict control, some for taxation and regulation, and some for legalization.

This set takes a close look at the history of this country's drug policies, treatment options, and epidemics- alcohol, opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, crack cocaine, and the opioid crisis- and includes documents related to contemporary issues such as corporate accountability, controversial treatment, sentencing, racial and economic factors, and organized crime. This set organizes the historical documents related to drug policy into six areas:

  • Drug Use and Substance Abuse
  • Drug Epidemics and Responses
  • Drug Addiction and Treatment
  • Drug Prohibitions and Policies
  • Drugs, Race, and Poverty
  • Drugs and Crime

Each in-depth chapters provides a thorough commentary and analysis of each primary source document, often reprinted in its entirety. Each Historical Document is introduced by a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, and an Author Biography to give historical and social context. Following the Historical Document, a more thorough understanding of the concepts and issues in the document is presented in the Document Themes and Analysis.