Salem Health: Nutrition Review

“Everyone loves to eat, but the current health campaigns to combat obesity and get fit have people wondering what to eat. Advertising for fad diets and junk foods add to the confusion. This useful encyclopedia, part of the Salem Health series, will help those seeking answers. The three volumes are logically organized by broad subject areas, and each contains a complete table of contents, making it easy to locate information.

Volume 1 covers specific foods by groups: fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. Each entry begins with an overview entitled “What We Know,” followed by data about nutritional content, research findings, a summary, and references. All entries are signed. This volume also contains nutritional information about dietary guidelines, eating patterns, and health eating from the USDA. Volume 2 provides information about nutritional therapy for specific conditions and diseases such as diabetes, heart and kidney disease, cancer, and gastrointestinal disorders. It includes specific foods to eat and avoid, prevention measures, and issues such as preventing malnutrition during cancer treatment. The final volume looks at nutrition throughout life, covering pregnancy and breastfeeding, pediatric nutrition, menopause, and older adults. There are also sections about vitamins and minerals and two useful appendixes. One looks at foods with negligible nutritional value but some benefits (artificial sweeteners, caffeine, popcorn), and the other examines cultural challenges to good nutrition (food deserts, obesity, Ramadan fasting, weight‐management programs for veterans). The accessibility of information, wide variety of subjects, and ease of use make this a good resource for public and consumer‐health libraries.”

“Salem Health: Nutrition is a three-volume reference set designed to help consumers focus on the nutritional value of dozens of foods and food groups. The editor, a registered dietitian nutritionist, states in the introduction that her goals for this set are to help consumers see beyond fad diets and food trends and also to provide quality nutritional information for both healthy people and those with health challenges, illnesses, and unique medical conditions. The set can be used as a tool and guide in making healthy food choices and considering the role of food and health.

There are 255 entries across all three volumes. Each entry is between one and eight pages in length. Entries are signed and also have been reviewed. Writing style is entry-level for the topics presented… Salem Health: Nutrition is a useful reference source for introductory research on selected nutrition topics. Emphasis on health and nutrition is noted, and signed and reviewed entries offer extra value of information. Most appropriate for high school and public library collections that support nutrition or introductory health courses.”