Salem Health: Complementary & Alternative Medicine

“Presented in four volumes, 782 essays, alphabetically arranged, address various aspects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), for a general readership and for health care practitioners seeking basic information. Coverage includes conditions, drug interactions, functional foods, herbs and supplements, homeopathy, issues and overviews, organizations and legislation, biographies, and therapies and techniques. The entries on therapies and techniques are uniformly structured to include related terms, a definition, principle uses and other proposed uses, an overview, mechanism of action, uses and applications, scientific evidence, guidance for selecting a practitioner, and safety issues. All entries are referenced and cross referenced. Some are signed while others are simply attributed to the EBSCO CAM Review Board. The fourth volume contains indexing by category, personage, and subject as well as a set of appendixes consisting of a glossary, listing of homeopathic remedies, bibliography, resources and websites, timeline of major developments relevant to CAM, and biographical dictionary of CAM practitioners and critics. Editor Richard P. Capriccioso is an MD affiliated with the University of Phoenix; editor Paul Moglia is a Ph.D. affiliated with South Nassau Communities Hospital. Online access to the contents is included with purchase of the print edition.”
-Book News