Critical Insights: Historical Fiction

"This book, part of the Critical Insights series by Salem Press, focuses on historical fiction. While many books in this series are geared towards college students, the majority of essays in this volume are written for the teaching and reading programs of students in middle and senior high schools. A short introduction detailing the parameters of the book is followed by the Critical Contexts section comprised of four essays, which discuss the historicization of the historical novel, criticism, female protagonists of young adult historical fiction, and identity formation in young adult historical fiction. The Critical Readings section is comprised of eleven essays ranging from a comparative analysis of medieval romance, the Gothic novel, legend and history, translating history for young readers, crossover in Chinese and Chinese American fiction, the American Civil War in historical fiction for young readers, the African American historical novel, Depression Era historical fiction, and real figures in historical biographical fiction. This book helps to explain the differences between real history and historical fiction for young readers, and thus is an essential book for teachers in middle to high school education."