Magill's Choice: Crime & Punishment in the U.S. Review

“Crime and Punishment in the United States represents a superior academic endeavor on the part of editor Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld, professional contributors, and Salem Press. This clear and comprehensible three-volume Magill's Choice encyclopedia collection, bound in an enticing criminal justice-themed cover, makes an immediate impression on the reader. The collection is a comprehensive source of basic criminal justice content offered by prominent contributors. The essays engage readers to pursue noteworthy content in numerous criminal justice entries… The articles provide insightful content, concise subject substance, summaries, and definitions. Volume 3 offers a detailed general subject index of 60 individual categories and essay topics that include a considerable range of important criminal justice issues. In addition, a glossary with more than 530 criminal justice definitions and terms support the three volumes. This striking three-volume edition focuses on significant criminal justice issues relating to types of crimes. Entries immediately introduce terms by defining: definition of term, criminal justice issues, and significance… In conclusion, Crime and Punishment in the United States is a comprehensive source for nonspecialist readers at the middle school, high school, community college, and university levels. This excellent three-volume encyclopedia would certainly make a welcome addition to any of these collections. Moreover, private and international libraries will define this series as a valuable asset in their collections.”
ARBA, 2009

“Recommended for secondary school and public libraries.”
-Gale Reference Reviews