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Great Events from History: Women's History

March 2022

This first edition of Great Events from History: Women’s History is a welcome addition to the long-running Great Events series by Salem Press. This brand-new title includes nearly 300 essays on all aspects of women’s history, presented categorically for ease of navigation. Categories appear alphabetically, from Activism to the Workplace, and within each category, the essays are arranged chronologically to better guide the reader through the rich and varied history of each topic. The categories sometimes overlap in content, covering as they do broad ranges of human experience, and the editor has endeavored to place each essay as logically as possible.

With this in mind, a web of references has been constructed, understanding that events constantly revise the past and influence the future. As such, most essays contain a list of “see also” cross-references, linking them to related articles in the set. By following these “see also” suggestions, readers gain a thorough sense of the many secondary sources relevant to articles that share the same basic focus or themes.

Entries are arranged into the following categories:

  • Activism
  • The Culture of the Home for Women
  • Education
  • Literature, Entertainment, Journalism, and the Arts
  • Mathematics, Science, and Technology
  • Military
  • Politics and Government       

Essay Length and Format

Essays are roughly 1,600 words, or 3-4 pages each, with a few exceptions of longer subjects of importance. All essays include the following ready-reference top matter: Description of event in a sentence or short paragraph; Date can be a single year, or date range if applicable; Also Known As describes alternate or common names for people and events; Locale is the country and/or region where the event took place; and Key Figures involved in the event.

The text of each essay is divided into the following sections:

  • Summary of Event: Describes the event chronologically and includes discussion to place the event in context;
  • Significance: Describes the event’s historical impact, influence, and significance;
  • Byline: Name of the contributor who wrote the essay; contributors and their affiliation are listed following the Editor’s Introduction
  • Further Reading: Sources consulted as well as items for further study (including web sites), appropriate and accessible to librarians, students, and the general public;
  • See Also: Lists related essays within the four-volume set

These two volumes include over 100 photographs and other images, including historical paintings, portraits, newspaper excerpts, and book covers. Because the set is ordered chronologically, an Al­phabetical List of Contents appears in the front matter to all volumes. The back matter in Volume II contains a number of reference tools to help readers further explore history: Alphabetical List of Events, Chronological Index, Geographical Index, Key Figures, and a Subject Index.

This expanding series offers a far-reaching view of history, organized around significant events. Library collections of all sizes will benefit from the thoughtful essays this highly-regarded series brings together.

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