Careers: Paths to Entrepreneurship

"Part of Salem Press’ Careers series, this volume presents profiles of 25 careers that would position a potential entrepreneur to pursue fields such as agriculture, bioengineering, fashion, finance, engineering, and technology. Each profile follows the same format, with a snapshot, a list of general attributes such as work environment and qualifications, an employment outlook, suggested coursework and certifications, and an interview with an entrepreneur in each field. The writing is accessible and supplemented with appealing graphics and highlighted boxes to emphasize key points. “Work Environment” and “A Day in the Life” sections are particularly helpful, giving the reader a genuine sense of what to expect with each career option, which run the gamut from baker to software developer to pet groomer... Overall, an effective and user-friendly resource for high schoolers interested in someday starting their own business. Entrepreneurial-minded high school students will find valuable information here."
- Booklist