Careers in Biology Reviews

“This title offers a sampling of 31 careers that illustrate the variety of occupations one can pursue with a biology education. The coverage ranges from the expected specialties, i.e., microbiologist and health care practitioner, to careers less commonly associated with biology, such as chemical engineer, archaeologist, or mathematician/statistician. Detailed job profiles discuss the possible scope of the work and expected working environments; helpful interests; required education and training; and likely advancement, earnings, and employment outlook. Sections presenting "A Day in the Life," based on interviews with practitioners, add a relatable narrative dimension to the profiles and provide added value....Each career profile includes a "Snapshot" summary to facilitate browsing and skimming before reading selected profiles in depth. Profiles include occasional references to careers covered in other volumes of the publisher's "Careers In" series...Libraries supporting students likely to make good use of print resources would definitely benefit from adding this book.

Summing Up: Recommended. All readers.” - CHOICE, December 2022