American Presidents Review

“This fifth edition of the publisher's two-volume reference work on US presidents—last published in 2015—includes new profiles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden alongside revised and updated profiles of Barack Obama and other recent presidents. The publisher notes that all entries have been reviewed for accuracy and currency, bibliographies include new research, the appendixes have been updated, and "dozens" of new photographs and illustrations have been added throughout. Presidential profiles are arranged in chronological order, and each begins with a list of cabinet members. Each essay provides a fundamental overview of the president's rise to power and the story of their campaign. Essays describe the subject's term in office, highlighting the challenges they faced and their accomplishments while serving. Also included are text boxes about the first lady and vice president and excerpts from inauguration speeches. A generic overview of the presidency and a list of contributors is included in the first volume. The second volume contains numerous helpful appendixes, such as the text of the US Constitution, election results summaries, glossary of terms, a chronology of events, and a comprehensive bibliography. The essays are clearly written and accessible to all readers. This work should replace the older edition in owning libraries and be added to any secondary school library”
-CHOICE, September 2023

“Some presidents are remembered for good, some for bad, and some are barely remembered at all. This biographical dictionary summarily examines strengths and weaknesses and successes and failures with regard to both life and politics. Each narrative presents a snapshot of presidential personality along with intriguing details about performance both inside and outside the White House. William Henry Harrison's was the first modern presidential campaign, flooding the country with speakers, souvenirs, songs, and slogans. He won the election but served only one month in office, succumbing to pneumonia in the White House; John Tyler was then the first vice president to succeed to the presidency. Lyndon Johnson, sworn in barely two hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, was forever labeled usurper and known as a less-than inspiring orator who won all arguments with an intimidating blend of "supplication, accusation, cajolery, exuberance, scorn, tears, complaint," often accompanied by threat. American Presidents will be useful in public- and secondary-school libraries and may serve as a helpful starting point for college freshmen studying American history and political science.” -Booklist, February 2022

"...Online access is now available with purchase, making this an accessible, well‐written resource for novice researchers; it would be of value in any public, high school, or undergraduate library. Summing Up: Recommended. High school, community college, and
undergraduate students; general readers.”