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American Presidents

Editor, Robert P. Watson, Professor of American Studies, Lynn University
August 2022

In the nearly 250 years since its inception, the U.S. presidency has survived controversy, scandal, resignation, civil war, impeachment, and assassination. Every individual who has assumed the title of president has left a mark, for good or ill, on American history. This fifth edition of American Presidents examines the strengths and weaknesses, the successes and failures of each chief executive, from George Washington to Joe Biden.

Following a detailed Introduction, each chapter presents a comprehensive portrait of each president, from birth to political rise to election, term(s) in office, defeat or retirement, and death. Topical subheadings help guide readers through the material. The legacy of each administration is measured against the yardstick of U.S. history, and the evolution of the office and country can be traced clearly. More than 250 photos, and excerpts from famous presidential speeches, punctuate this richly detailed edition.

Every in-depth essay ends with an annotated Suggested Reading.  The set also includes a reprint of the U.S. Constitution, detailed Timeline, Official Election Results, Cabinet Members, Executive Departments and Offices, list of First Ladies, Presidential Libraries, Museums and Historic Sites, Bibliography, and Subject Index. 

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