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Great Lives from History: American Heroes

April 2019

This second edition of American Heroes comes at a time in history when the term "hero" is more subjective than ever. Not all heroes are the spotless paragons envisioned in fiction or in old history books. In today's world, the information age and dwindling privacy position many of our modern heroes against their very human flaws - perhaps making their accomplishments all the more remarkable.

Great Lives from History: American Heroes profiles more than 220 individuals who place others above self and who invoke courage to take risks to better the world, from the American Revolution through today. Profiled individuals span 39 areas of achievement, including Aviation and Space Exploration, Engineering, Environmentalism, Government & Politics, Invention & Technology, Literature, Medicine, Public Health, Social Reform, Sports, and Women's Rights, and come from all walks of life and a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Each essay in this 3-volume set is 5-6 pages and includes ready-reference data, areas of achievement, photos, Early Life, Life's Work, and Significance sections. All essays end with Further Reading. Back matter includes Category Index, Ethnicity Index, and Subject Index.

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