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Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship

The Editors at Salem Press
September 2017

With engaging and easy-to-understand entries on important concepts written by experts in the field, Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship will be an invaluable resource for students and readers seeking a clear introduction to topics in entrepreneurship.

Everything you want to know about entrepreneurship is addressed in this comprehensive introduction: strategies, funding, issues, and key ideas. Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship is the fourth of a six-volume series covering important topics in business.

The entries in this volume are arranged in an A to Z order, from “Authentic Leadership” to “Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation,” making it easy to find the topic of interest. The entries are written in a uniform format:

  • An Abstract gives a brief introduction to the topic;
  • An Overview presents key terms and concepts;
  • A clear, concise Presentation of the Topic includes a discussion of applications and issues;
  • a helpful list of Further Reading appears at the end of every article.

Added features include helpful illustrations and diagrams of relevant topics. The back matter in Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship contains a thorough and valuable glossary of terms as well as an index.

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