b'History PRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: ERAS 65Defining Documents in American History:The 1980s(1980-1989)The United States witnessed major socioeconomic change in the 1980s. The final years of the Carter administration, plagued by the Iran hostage crisis and runaway inflation, caused many Americans to embrace a new conservatism socially, economically, and politically, characterized by the policies of President Reagan. Both working-age Americans and affluent retirees flocked to the countrys southeast and southwest Sun Belt regions resulting in a change in the political climate that strengthened conservatism in America. Documents and events covered in this wide-ranging set include: Ronald Reagans Evil Empire Speech The Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act Nancy Reagans Just Say No Message to the NationJesse Jacksons Rainbow Coalition address at the 1984 DemocraticNational Convention. Webster v. Reproductive Health Services US Embassy Cables Concerning the Crackdown in Tiananmen Square Personal Computer Announcement by IBMEach in-depth chapter provides a thorough commentary and analysis of each primary source document, often reprinted in its entirety. Commentary includes a Summary, Overview, Defining Moment, Author Biography, Detailed Document Analysis, andFREEdiscussion of Essential Themes.Online AccessFREE April 2022 | Two Volumes; 662 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-083-0HISTORYLibrary Price: $295See Also: The Eighties in America, pg. 85Defining Documents in American History:BEST SELLER!The 1970s(1970-1979)A fine resource to help high school and early college students learn about the study of primary sources, and the handy background information will enhance understanding of where these artifacts of a (to some) now-distant past fit in historically. Recommended.CHOICE BEST SELLER! PRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: ERASThe 1970s offers in-depth analysis of a broad range of historical documents and historic events that shaped this turbulent decade from the end of the conflict in Vietnam, to the resignation and pardon of Richard M. Nixon,to the Camp David Accords. Talks and treaties marked renewed efforts by the U.S. and USSR to ease tensions and reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons. On the domestic front, Roe v. Wade worked its way through the courts, and Harvey Milk delivered a clarion call with his speech against Californias infamous Proposition 6. Thought-provoking document analyses provide ample material on The Vietnam War, Nixon and Watergate, The Cold War and the Middle East, Domestic Affairs, Environmental Developments, and Science and FREE Online AccessTechnology. Through the close study of 49 primary source documents, this text delivers a thorough examinationFREEof important international, political, domestic, environmental, and technology concerns in the 1970s.See Also:June 2016 | One Volume; 374 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-890-7 | Library Price: $175 The Seventies in America, pg. 85Defining Documents in American History:The 1960s(1960-1969)Well written, exhibits solid scholarship, and presents an engaging read. As an understanding of our nations past is central to becoming a well-rounded citizen, this volume is strongly recommended for purchase by all public and academic libraries. ARBAThis volume offers in-depth analyses of forty important primary source documents to give students and researchers fresh insights into the 1960s and their lasting effect on American history. Defining Documents in American History: The 1960s provides detailed, thought-provoking analysis of Visions of a New Era, Confrontations with Communism, and Civil Rights, Social Justice, and Antiwar Activism. Articles begin by introducing readers to the historical context of the document, followed by a description of the authors life and circumstances in which the document was written. An historical timeline and bibliography of supplemental FREE readings support readers in understanding the broader historical events and subjects in the period. AnOnline Accessintroduction for each of the major subjects covered in this title provides readers with helpful backgroundFREEinformation that promotes a deeper understanding of the issues covered.See Also:April 2016 | One Volume; 331 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-888-4 | Library Price: $175 The Sixties in America, pg. 85GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2023-467 Salem 2024 Catalog R8.indd 65 2023-12-19 2:04 PM'