b'History PRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: THEMES 63Defining Documents in American History: SlaveryThis collection of primary resources offers insights into the rationalizations, horrors, legalities, and manyother important aspects of American slavery. Recommended. CHOICESlavery was not universally endorsed, but it became a part of the economic fabric of the nation. It took a civil war to achieve the goal of freedom for all, and decades of work that continues to this day, to gain and defend the civil rights and liberties afforded to all citizens. This two-volume set includes in-depth chapters that provide a thorough commentary of significant primary source documents, including: David Walkers Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World; Frederick Douglass What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? Nellie Norton: or Southern Slavery and the Bible; the Missouri Compromise; the Confessions of Nat Turner; ads for the Reunification of Former Slave Families; and the Emancipation Proclamation. Each commentary includes these helpful subheads that guide the reader: Summary, Overview, Defining Moment, Author Biography, Detailed Document Analysis and discussion of Essential Themes. FREE Online AccessAugust 2019 | Two Volumes; 622 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-281-9 | Library Price: $295 FREEDefining Documents in American History:Civil Rights BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER!Readers will get an excellent sense of the complex fight for civil rights in the United States.ARBAThis text closely studies more than forty primary source documents to deliver a thorough examination of civil rights movements in the United States from 1954 to the present. This volume provides detailed, thought-provoking analysis of Controversies and Actions at the Dawn of the Civil Rights Movement;Legal Challenges to Segregation; the Civil Rights Act and Its Consequences; Organizations and Leaders in the Movement; Gay Rights, Criminal Justice, and the Movement for Social Justice. Chapters provide thoughtful critical analysis,HISTORYincluding a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, Author Biography, Document Analysis, and Essential Themes. January 2016 | One Volume; 321 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-856-3 | Library Price: $175See Also: Civil Rights Movements, pg. 53FREE Online AccessDefining Documents in American History: FREELGBTQ+ HA stunning collection of official commentary and memorabilia, this two-volume set deserves a place inPRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: THEMESpublic, high-school, and college libraries. Booklist Starred ReviewAs gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals have continued their fight for basic rights and equal treatment under the law, various court cases and challenges to those cases have continued to refine the debate. In the twenty-first century the struggle for equality continues with cases such as Obergefell v. Hodges, which overruled the Defense of Marriage Act and legalized same-sex marriage. This volume provides thought-provoking analysis and commentary on a wide variety of primary source documents that span the history of LGBTQ+ rights. Each in-depth chapter provides a thorough commentary and analysis of each primary source document, which is often reproduced in its entirety. Chapters provide a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, an Author Biography, in-depth Document Analysis, alongside an analysis and discussion of Essential Themes. April 2018 | Two Volumes; 405 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-894-2 | Library Price: $295 FREE See Also:Great Events from History: LGBTQ Events, pg. 79, Great Lives: LGBTQ+, pg. 80 Online AccessFREEDefining Documents in American History:Dissent & ProtestSalem Press editor has pulled together documents to illuminate the study of American history in this Defining Documents in American History series. Recommended. High school through lower-level undergraduate students; general readers; professionals/practitioners.CHOICEDissent & Protest offers in-depth analysis of a broad range of historical documents and events that make up the vibrant and ever-evolving story of dissent and protest in the United States. The speeches, articles, essays, petitions, editorials, laws, and court orders over the span of this nations history demonstrate the ways in which its citizens have exercised the right to free speech. The ninety-three articles in this two-volume title are organized into eight sections: From Colonies to Nation, Slavery and Abolition, Sectional Conflict, Civil War, and Reconstruction, Native American Dissent, African American Civil Rights, Womens Rights, Political and Social Protest, and Anti-War Activism. Written by historians and teachers, several elements explain the documents historical impact and provide thoughtful critical analysis, including FREE a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, Author Biography, Document Analysis, and Essential Themes.Online AccessMay 2017 | Two Volumes; 687 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-289-6 | Library Price: $295 FREEGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2023-467 Salem 2024 Catalog R8.indd 63 2023-12-19 2:04 PM'