b'52 Social SciencesWeapons, Warfare NEW!BEST SELLER!& Military Technology Third EditionClearly written These three volumes allow students of history, political science, and science/technology to gain a broad understanding of the advances made over time and SOCIAL SCIENCESgeography Recommended. Academic and public libraries; lower- and upper-level undergraduates, and general readers.CHOICEBOTTOM LINE This useful overview of warfares evolution will be appreciated by students as well as general readers. Library JournalWeapons, Warfare & Military Technology is designed to meet the needs of students seeking information about weaponry, tactics, technology, and models of warfare from ancient times to the present, worldwide. This edition focuses on the technical and strategic development of weapons and military tactics, more than on a narrative chronological history of WEAPONS, WARFARE & MILITARY TECHNOLOGYevents. Volume 1: Ancient and Medieval, covers weapons and strategies from ancient times to 1500 Volume 2: The Modern Era, covers weapons, military technology, and strategies from approximately 1500 to the present Volume 3: Warfare: Culture and Concepts provides valuable overviews of the way warfare,weapons, and military history have been expressed socially, politically, and in the artsFREE Online AccessThe first two volumes open with overviews of major weapons groups, followed by chronologically NEW!FREEarranged sections covering major historical periods and regions of the world and their contributions to military weapons, technologies, and strategies. Volume 3 touches on all socioculturaland political aspects of weapons and warfare, including: Literature; Film; Society; Science; Ethics;and Behind the Battlefield (Theories, Strategies, and Policies).The essays in this set are organized into three essay types:Weapons overview articles are organized with sections on Nature and Use and Development of each weapons type. The Geographically Arranged Warfare articles feature sections on Political Considerations, Military Achievement, Weapons, Uniforms, and Armor, Military Organization, and Doctrine, Strategy, and Tactics.Geographically Focused articles also feature a section on the primary sources from which historians base their observations and evaluate the best sources for understanding the warfare of the period.Culture/concept overviews approach warfare and weaponry from several different perspectives: sociological, geographical, cultural, ritual, political,ethical, religious, tactical, and strategic.May 2023 | Three Volumes; 1,400 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-470-8 | Library Price: $395NEW CONTENTThis new, third edition has been greatly expanded to bring coverage into the twenty-first century, with a particular focus on the latest developments in military technology. Just some of the new content added to this edition include: Small Arms: new entries cover the M-27 IAR, Remington Versamax shotgun, the Ruger LCR and ultra-compact handguns, and Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO), bullets that are guided and can change direction mid-flight.Vehicles: new entries cover the P-8 Poseidon sub-hunting attack plane, the F-35 Stealth fighter, the X-47B, strike fighters, AdvancedHypersonic Weapons, and the Ghost stealth pontoon boat.Missiles, Bombs, and Weapons of Mass Destruction: new entries cover the Boeing Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP), ChinasC-19 ballistic missile system, the marine launched-Tomahawk missile, Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and the U.S. NavysLaser Weapon System (LaWS). Big Picture Developments: new entries cover the Stuxnet virus, cyberweapons, the weaponization of small, commercial drones, the weaponization of social media, decreasing the size of conventional armies, Gray Zone tactics, the rise of non-state actors,and AI disruptionunmanned drones, UAVs, and non-lethal heat rays for use in crowd control.GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2023-467 Salem 2024 Catalog R8.indd 52 2023-12-19 2:02 PM'