b'112 PRINCIPLES: EARTH SCIENCE SciencePrinciples of Geology Principles of Geology explores the science about the solid Earth, the rocks that comprise it, and the processes by which they change over time. This volume also provides coverage of other Earth sciences, including hydrology and the atmospheric sciences, as they integrate into a major aspect of Earth system and planetary science. Content includes broad categories of geology, as well as the wide variety of methods and tools used by geologists, including: Geologic MaterialWhole Earth StructureGeologic Time Planetary GeologyField WorkPhysical ExperimentsEach entry includes an Abstract that provides a brief, concrete summary of the topic and its significance; a FREEdetailed Essay that provides extensive background on the topic and explores its significance to the field ofOnline AccessFREE geology; and a list of Further Reading. This resource will be a helpful tool for students and researchers who arejust beginning their study of geology and need a solid background of the key terms and elements in the field.September 2021 | One Volume; 531 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-042-6 | Library Price: $165Principles of ClimatologyThis volume provides readers with the important information they need to understand the basic concepts of climatology. Climatology is related not only to weather, but to agriculture, urban planning, the economy, and political action. More than 120 easy-to-understand entries, many with illustrations and photographs, cover topics such as: Condensation LevelGreenhouse EffectMicroclimate Sea Surface TemperatureSublimationTroposphere FREEThis volume will be an important addition to high school and undergraduate libraries with a focus on Online Access providing up-to-date resources for students engaged in STEM studies as well as to science collections atPRINCIPLES: EARTH SCIENCEFREE all levels.October 2018 | One Volume; 614 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-943-7 | Library Price: $165BEST SELLER! Principles of AstronomyAnother well-designed volume in a series that provides strong, basic coverage of key concepts in the primary sciences.Against the GrainThis resource introduces readers to the fundamentals of astronomy, from the naked-eye observations of the earliest astronomers to the space probes, manned missions, and space stations of today. Entries are enhanced with illustrations, star charts, photographs taken from space observatories, and more. Celestial BodiesStars & ConstellationsSpace Missions Space Technology Theoretical Astrophysics QuarksThis volume is a helpful tool for students and researchers who are just beginning their study of astronomy FREEand need a solid background of the key terms and elements in the field.Online Access May 2016 | One Volume; 418 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-948-5 | Library Price: $165FREESee Also: USA in Space, pg. 113, The Solar System, pg. 113MORE SCIENCE TITLES FROM SALEM PRESSSCIENCEBEST SELLER! Encyclopedia Science Applied BEST SELLER! Appliedof Energy Applied ScienceThis excellent reference work Science A useful addition [for] studentsis extremely broad in scope with an interest in the connectionhighly readable. CHOICE between science and technology.These volumes help studentsARBAunderstand the importance of1 Applied Science examines theA-Comenergy, appreciate the influence1-398 relationship between science and of energy on society, learn theVolume 1 technology, providing insight into5-volume sethistory of energy, and initiateSALEM the many ways in which sciencePRESS FREEeducational discussion.FREEaffects daily life.Online Access Online AccessFREE October 2012FREE May 2012 Four Volumes; 1,560 PagesFive Volumes; 2,296 Pages Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-849-5Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-781-8 Library Price: $495 Library Price: $595eBooks are also available - visit www.salempress.com for more informationGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2023-467 Salem 2024 Catalog R8.indd 112 2023-12-19 2:11 PM'