b'An excellent starting point for those beginning Literature NOTABLE WRITERS9literary research. Highly recommended.Library JournalNotable WritersNEW! Fall 2023of LGBTQ+ LiteratureLITERATURELong overlooked, censored, or suppressed, literature by and about members of theNotable Writers of LGBTQ+ community is currently experiencing tremendous popularity with readers and has become a major focus for scholars. This is true not only in North America but alsoLGBTQ+ Literature throughout the world. Works by and about members of this community are now often best-sellers and are increasingly taught in schools at many levels, but especially in colleges and universities. The tradition of LGBTQ+ writing goes back almost to the beginning of literature itself.NOTABLE WRITERSReaders, for instance, have long seen signs of it in the Epic of Gilgamesh, in Homers Iliad, and even in the biblical story of David and Jonathan. The poems of Sappho of Lesbos, the island from which the term lesbian is derived, are universally considered some of the most beautiful lyrics ever composed in ancient Greece, while homoerotic themes also appear in works by Virgil, the greatest Roman poet. And, of course, readers and playgoers have long seen in Shakespeares poems and plays evidence of numerous LGBTQ+ characters and topics. By the eighteenth century, the love that dare not speak its name was increasingly prominent, and by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the floodgates had begun to open. In the last hundred years, LGBTQ+ literature has been written by thousands and read by millions.Notable Writers of LGBTQ+ Literature is a collection with broad appeal. The range of FREE entries for this two-volume set includes writers so varied that these books will interestOnline AccessNEW!FREEa wide variety of readers, including: those with a keen interest in exploring the earliest roots and later branchesSee Also: Critical Insights: LGBTQ Literature, pg. 47of this tradition; Defining Documents: LGBTQ+, pg. 63those interested in the challenges writers in this tradition have long faced but Great Events: LGBTQ Events, pg. 81 have recently overcome; those interested in how LGBTQ+ writers have affected, and been affected by, broader, more conventional literary canons; and those interested in the ways reviewers and scholars have responded to writers and writings in this relatively new canon of literature.This set is a collection of analytic, scholarly, encyclopedic essays about an increasingly vibrant and diverse literary tradition. It examines poems, plays, novels, and short fiction from ancient times to the present day. It explores the lives of relevant writers, the reception of relevant texts, and the history of the tradition as it has unfoldedslowly at first, and then more quicklyover the last four thousand years. It deals with the challenges (both literary and personal) writers in this tradition have faced as well as the ways those challenges were gradually diminished. It emphasizes the literary qualities of LGBTQ+ literature while also setting such literature in its social, historical, and cultural contexts.Relevant writers include: Homer Sappho Virgil Richard Barnfield William ShakespeareAphra Behn John Cleland Lord Byron Walt WhitmanEmily Dickinson Oscar Wilde A.E. Housman C.P. Cavafy Willa CatherE.M. Forster Virginia Woolf Christopher Isherwood Mary Renault W.H. Auden Tennessee WilliamsGore Vidal James Baldwin Yukio Mishima Edward AlbeeKatherine PhilipsAdrienne Rich Audre Lorde Tony Kushner Each essay identifies relevant genres and biographical data. The set also includes a Chronological List of Authors; a Genre Index; a Personages Index; a Title Index; a Subject Index; and dozens of photographs. Designed to introduce readers at the high school and university levels to the rich world of LGBTQ+ literature, this set gives students access to careful research and resources so they can further explore this rich literary tradition.September 2023 | Two Volumes; 800 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-719-8 | Library Price: $225GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2022-480 Salem Catalog 2023 R7.indd 9 2022-12-28 11:12 AM'