b'History PRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: THEMES 63Defining Documents in American History: BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER!LGBTQ+ A stunning collection of official commentary and memorabilia, this two-volume set deserves a place in public, high-school, and college libraries. Booklist Starred ReviewAs gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals have continued their fight for basic rights and equal treatment under the law, various court cases and challenges to those cases have continued to refine the debate. In the twenty-first century the struggle for equality continues with cases such as Obergefell v. Hodges, which overruled the Defense of Marriage Act and legalized same-sex marriage. This volume provides thought-provoking analysis and commentary on a wide variety of primary source documents that span the history of LGBTQ+ rights. Each in-depth chapter provides a thorough commentary and analysis of each primary source document, which is often reproduced in its entirety. Chapters provide a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, an Author Biography, in-depth Document FREE Analysis, alongside an analysis and discussion of Essential Themes.Online AccessFREEApril 2018 | Two Volumes; 405 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-894-2 | Library Price: $295 See Also:Great Events from History: LGBTQ Events, pg. 81Defining Documents in American History:The Legacy of 9/11This document collection is recommended for school and public libraries.ARBAThe tension between personal liberties and national security became a daily concern for all U.S. citizens in the wake of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Names and groups connected to terrorOsama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Army of Islam, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhoodbecame a regular feature of the nightly news.Documents analyzed in this set include: Ladenese epistle; George W. Bushs Bullhorn Speech; President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat; My Guantnamo Diary, Uncensored by Mohamedou Ould Slahi; TheHISTORYPatriot Act; Senate Resolution 118; Detainee Treatment Act; Obama Announces the Death of Osama bin Laden; and Trumps Travel Ban (including challenges and court rulings). Each chapter provides a thorough commentary and a deep analysis of each primary source document, often reproduced in its entirety. Chapters provide a Summary Overview, outline the Defining Moment, and include Author Biography, Document Analysis, and Essential Themes. FREE Online AccessDecember 2018 | One Volume; 336 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-921-5 | Library Price: $175 FREEDefining Documents in American History:Secrets, Leaks & Scandals PRIMARY SOURCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: THEMESAward Winner! Library Journal, Best Reference 2018Top 75 Community College Resources CHOICE, June 2019Accessible to college and upper-level high school students, provides convenient access to, and clearobjective analysis of, documents essential to our understanding of U.S. historyand to our future. Booklist Political scandals have captured the attention of both the American public and the global audience. Some of the nations most notorious scandals are chronicled here, including Benedict Arnolds letters, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the investigations into the assassination of President Kennedy, 9/11, and the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Detailed analyses of 75 primary source documents are organized into the following major categories: Secrets, Conspiracies, and Scandals though the 19th Century; Controversies, Conflicts, and Communism through the mid-20th Century; Government in Hiding, from Vietnam to Watergate and After; Scandals, Scares and Intelligence Failures in FREE Online AccessRecent Decades; Lies, Leaks and Hacks in the Contemporary Period; and Selected Environmental Debacles.FREENovember 2018 | Two Volumes; 550 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-698-6 | Library Price: $295Defining Documents in American History:Political Campaigns, Candidates & DebatesIt highlights moments most representative of a period in our nations history, moments that may have marked a turning point. Recommended.CHOICETop 75 Community College Resources CHOICE, June 2019 Candidates, issues, and campaign styles have changed dramatically over time, from the front porch approach of the presidential campaigns in the 1800s to the social media campaigns of today. Political debates arent limited simply to presidential campaigns, and this work examines how this American institution has shaped the government and its policies on personal, local, state, and national levels. Nearly 80 documents are organized into major categories like Politics and War; Politics and Social Issues; Politics and the Economy; Politics and Education; and Political Debate. The document chapters include the primary source document, often reproduced in its entirety, a Summary Overview, Defining Moment, Author Biography, Document Analysis, and Essential Themes. 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