b'G rey House128 P blishing HEALTH & WELLNESS SERIES FROM GREY HOUSEuAll Grey House titles on this page come with FREE ONLINE ACCESS on the Salem Press/Grey House platform!Dementia Handbook & Resource GuideA handy one-stop resource that concentrates on identifying and locating dementiaresources by diagnosis. Accurate and useful for those searching for basic information and a resource directory. Library JournalBest Reference, 2020 Library JournalThis title is designed to bring together necessary and valuable information for the millions of individuals, family members, and caregivers affected by dementia. For those providing care and support toindividuals with dementia, this resource provides easy-to-understand and helpful information about dementia and connects readers to many sources of support. Coverage is broad, providing in-depth information on the many causes of this neuro-cognitive disorder, early warning signs, diagnosis, FREEtreatment options, advice for caretakers, preventative therapy, support and so much more.Online AccessFREE Includes Free Online Access | June 2020 | Print ISBN 978-1-63700-388-6 | $165 FREEAutoimmune Diseases Handbook & Resource GuideOnline AccessFREE More than 24 million people in the U.S. are affected by one of at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases. This volume provides valuable educational material and statistics; information on the two broad types of autoimmune diseasessystemic and organ-specific; and individual chapters on the most prevalent autoimmune diseases. The Autoimmune Diseases Handbook & Resource Guide is a necessary reference for public and academic libraries, as well as health care and consumer health collections, providing information crucial to sufferers of autoimmune disorders, their support network, caseworkers, social workers, and other health care providers.Includes Free Online Access | March 2021 | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-389-3 | $165Nutrition, Obesity & Eating Disorders RECENT FREE Online Access Handbook & Resource GuideFREEHEALTH & WELLNESS SERIES FROM GREY HOUSENutrition, Obesity & Eating Disorders combines valuable educational material with up-to-date resources.RECENT This volume covers: nutrition and how to maintain a healthy body; obesity, factors that influence it and ways to overcome it; and a number of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, pica, rumination, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder. With reports, statistics, accessible descriptions, and ways to find additional information, this resource is a one-stop source for readers. Includes Free Online Access | December 2021 | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-063-2 | $165 FREEDiabetes Handbook & Resource Guide NEW! Online AccessFREE This new title is designed to bring together necessary and valuable information for the millions of individuals who suffer from diabetes, along with their families and carers. More than 34 million adult Americans have diabetes, a disease that has more than doubled in adults in the last 20 years. This work provides educational NEW!information for patients and their families, national and state-by-state statistics, accessible descriptions for the different types of diabetes, details on conditions that can cause or affect diabetes, valuable resources FIRST EDITIONthat are easily accessed for additional information, and a list of pharmaceuticals used to treat diabetes.AUTISMIncludes Free Online Access | March 2022 | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-125-7 | $165THE SPECTRUMThe Autism Spectrum Handbook & Resource Guide NEW! Handbook & Resource GuideThis new title compiles vital and reliable information for the millions of individuals, family members,FREE Online Access and caregivers affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).Readers will find accessible and helpful FREE information about ASD, including many sources of support, and both national and state statistics, as well as discussions about prevention, treatment, and outcomes. This volume includes details on autism, as well NEW!as on a range of conditions that often accompany ASD, including gastrointestinal (GI) problems, epilepsy, feeding issues, disrupted sleep, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. GREYHOUSEPUBLISHING First EditionIncludes Free Online Access | October 2022 | Print ISBN 978-1-63700-158-5 | $165ADDICTIONAddiction Handbook & Resource GuideNEW! Spring 2023 Grey House Health & Wellness Guides Handbook & Resource Guide This new title is designed to bring together necessary and valuable information for anyone struggling with HEALTHaddiction issues, including family and friends of individuals who are afflicted by addiction. It provides easy-to-understand and helpful information about addiction and connects readers to many sources of support. Coverage includes the two main types of addiction: chemical, which involves addiction to substances;FREE Online Access and behavioral, which involves compulsive behaviors, such as gambling and gaming.The text is divided FREE into three major sections, Studies & Statistics About Addiction, Addiction & Mental Health Resources, and Complications of Addiction. NEW!GREYHOUSEPUBLISHING Includes Free Online Access | February 2023 | Print ISBN 978-1-63700-523-1 | $165 Grey House Health & Wellness Guides GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 562-2139 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2022-480 Salem Catalog 2023 R7.indd 128 2022-12-28 11:17 AM'