b'Health PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH 121Principles of Health: Anxiety & Stress Principles of Health: Anxiety & Stress BEST SELLER!VIEW THIS BOOKThe purpose of this book is to provide those working with individuals who struggle with anxiety and stress aPrinciples of Health:ONLINEhttps://online.salempress.com Anxiety & Stressgreat understanding to the conditionseasy to navigate from section to section.Doodys ReviewsThis resource introduces students to 169 different topics related to anxiety and stressincluding Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Occupational Stress, Depression, and Social Anxiety Disorder.Types of Anxiety & Stress provides comprehensive overviews of the most common medical conditions related to anxiety and stress. Sources of Anxiety & Stress offer in-depth articles outlining a wide variety of stressors and other factors that can lead to the formation of anxiety disorders. Assessing Anxiety & Stress covers the most common techniques employed by mental health professionals to assess a patients mental health. Related Conditions outline a number of diseases and disorders, such as depression, that are similar to or overlap with anxiety and stress. Treatment, Therapy & Coping covers a range of approaches to dealing with anxiety and stress, from the pharmaceutical to the therapeutic. ComplementaryS4919n Riao NutYe21225, 0P1O Box 56Ame PARLEESMSPhxo:n 8 e4: 55 -1 387-3 7-8 693 -6 8700 | 800-562-2139& Alternative Therapies detail a range of non-traditional treatments for anxiety and stress. Conditions In-Depth Fa 0FREE www.greyhouse.com | books@greyhouse.comwww.salempress.com | books@salempress.comfocuses on seven specific disorders, offering practical advice, including recognizing symptoms and seeking medicalOnline Accessassistance. All entries contain a generous selection of bibliographical resources and suggestions for further reading.FREEMany entries also include images and photographs to illustrate concepts and treatments.September 2020 | One Volume; 300 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-699-2 | Library Price: $165Principles of Health: Diabetes Principles of Health: An outstanding monograph that provides all the basics for students and is easily understandable for layDiabetespersons with minimal medical knowledge A very worthwhile addition.Doodys ReviewsThis volume provides readers with a better understanding of the different forms of diabetesincluding Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and Diabetes Insipidus. It includes 126 topics arranged into seven broad categories. Metabolism Basics provides the anatomical background for understanding how diabetes disrupts the entire body. Alterations in Metabolism details the different types of diabetes and related conditions that negatively affect human metabolism. Pharmacological Treatments cover medical treatments used to manage diabetes. Non-Pharmacological Treatments include procedures, surgeries, techniques, and prevention methods, as well as alternative treatments. Diet covers a range of nutrition regimens that can help FREE manage diabetes. Symptoms & Laboratory Testing tracks the process of diabetes screening and diagnosis Online Accessand outlines the different symptoms patients experience. Living with Diabetes outlines the different healthFREEcomplications that may result from diabetes and discusses different ways to manage them. All entries contain a generous selection of bibliographical resources and suggestions for further reading. Many entries also include images and photographs to illustrate concepts and treatments.July 2020 | One Volume; 300 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-697-8 | Library Price: $165Principles of Health: Obesity Covering 140 important topics in the fields of obesity, nutrition and weight management using easy-to-understand language, this volume is designed to provide readers with a solid background and understanding PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHof obesity, its causes, and treatment options.Causes & Risk Factors include genetic, environmental, and pathological factors that may contribute to obesity and being overweight. Related Conditions, Diseases & Comorbidities describe conditions that often co-exist with being overweight, or that may develop as a result of obesity. Treatment & Weight Management discuss different avenues through which obesity can be managed, including general nutritional guidelines, targeted weight-loss diets, and healthy lifestyle practices. Conditions In-Depth details several conditions and diseases that are often associated with obesity, including sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and coronary artery disease. All entries include Category and References, and most include Key FREE Terms. Many images and photographs throughout the volume illustrate concepts and treatments. Online AccessFREEMay 2020 | One Volume; 300 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-385-4 | Library Price: $165Principles of Health: Pain ManagementUsing easy-to-understand language, this volume introduces students and researchers to 146 topics about pain management. Pharmacological Treatments include both prescription and over-the-counter drugs used to manage pain. Non-Pharmacological Treatments include procedures, surgeries, techniques, and prevention methods. Alternative Treatments are those not commonly used in Western medicine, including herbs and supplements and techniques like acupuncture and yoga. Death and Dying deals with end of life issues andHEALTHincludes entries on palliative care and euthanasia. Psychological Pain deals with mental and behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Pain & Addiction deals with the use and misuse of prescription pain medications and related epidemics. Common Ailments include issues that most people have to deal with at some point in their lives, such as Headache, Osteoporosis, and Sinusitis. All entries include Category, System or Anatomy Affected, and References. Many entries also include Key Terms and images and photographs to illustrate concepts and treatments.FREE Online AccessFebruary 2020 | One Volume; 300 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-387-8 | Library Price: $165 FREEGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com2022-480 Salem Catalog 2023 R7.indd 121 2022-12-28 11:17 AM'