b"59DEFINING DOCUMENTSTHE MOST EXTENSIVE COVERAGEOF PRIMARY DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE!Salem Press is proud to announce several additions to our Primary Source Documentspopular Defining Documents series. These information-packed titles provide accessible, in-depth, and thought-provoking Document Analysis HISTORYanalysis of the most important primary source documents that Research Insightshelped define U.S. and World History.Defining Documents inAmerican History: ThemesThese new titles highlight important themes that run throughDEFINING DOCUMENTSU.S. history, allowing the researcher to see how the debate surrounding many important issues has developed and how attitudes and beliefs changed over many years. See Pages: 60-65Address to the Nation on Defense and National SecurityNEW!NEW! March 23, 1983 My fellow Americans, thank you for sharing your time with me tonight. DEFINING DOCUMENTS DEFINING DOCUMENTSThe subjectIN AMERICAN HISTORYIN AMERICAN HISTORYDefining Documents in ity, is both timely andimportant. TI want to dimely, beciscuss with yoauseon I' I've ll tell you about in a few mreachu, peace anded a decisio national secun which oinutes. And important because ffersr a new hope for our children in the 21st century, a decisi The 1980s The Great there's a very big decision that you m and any people share, the duty toust make for yourselves. This subject involves the mostprotect and strengthen the basic duty that any Presidentpeace.(1980-1989) etyDepressionAt the beginning of this year, I subm uchAmerican History: Erasbest judgment of the best understanding of the experts and specitted to the Congress a defense budget which reflects mialists who advise me about what we and our allies must do to protect our people in the years ahead. That budget is mt dya tnog perreovusn more than a long list of numbers, for behind all the numbers liefseAinm ae sroicma'est aimbielis any(1929-1941)the greatest of human tragedies and preserve our free way of lierica strong again after too mworld. It is part of a careful, long-term plan to make Amyears of neglect and mistakes. Our efforts to rebuild America's defenses and strengthen the peace began 2 years ago whenVolumes in this popular series cover an era or decade in American history. we requested a major increase i been reduced by half, through iincreases we first proposed has n the defense program. Since then, the amount of those mprovements in management and procurement and other savings.Students and researchers will come away from these volumes withThe budget request that is now before the Congress has been trimmed to the limits of safety. Further deep cuts cannot be mThe choice is up to the men and woade without seriously endangering men you've elected to the Conthe security of the Nation. gress, and that means the choice is up to you.a greater understanding of each document and how it helped shape American Tonight, I want to explain to you what this defense debate is all about and why I'm convinced le, and deserving of yourhistory. See Pages: 66-71that the budget now before the Csupport. And I want to offer hope forongress is necessary, responsib the future. But first, let me say what the defense debate is not about. It ve been bombarded with nuis not about spending arithmmbers and percentages. etic. I know that in the last few wSome sayweneed onlya5-peeks you'ercenouse of Representatives wouldbudget backed by liberals in the H t increase in defense spending. lower the figure to 2 to 3The so-called alternate NEW!NEW! percent, cutting our defense spending by $163 billion over the next 5 years. The trouble with Defining Documents in World HistoryThe demand for document analysis of world history is increasing. To meetthis demand, Salem Press provides in-depth analysis of the documentscritical to the study of world history. See Pages: 72-76NEW!NEW! eBooks are also available - visit www.salempress.com for more informationGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com"