b'ALL SALEM PRESS TITLES COMECUSTOM-BUILD YOUR DATABASE TO FIT YOURCURRICULUM & RESEARCH NEEDS As you select your print titles and activate your online access, you areLITERATURE SOCIAL SCIENCES HISTORY CAREERS SCIENCE HEALTHcustom-building your Salem online database to fit your specific librarys needs. This is not a one-size fits all databaseyoure in the drivers seat when itcomes to title selection.Unlike other online databases, you never pay for titles you dont need.EASY REMOTE ACCESS &QUICK & EASY REMOTE ACCESS UNLIMITEDSIMULTANEOUSWe make it quick and easy for studentsUSERSand library patrons to connect to your librarys content from home.NO ANNUALSUBSCRIPTION COSTS You pay for your content once, when youpurchase your print title. Thats right you pay only once! Theres no annualsubscription cost, no maintenance fees,no additional costs at all. Your online access stays active for the lifeof the edition you purchase.PRINT OR ONLINE?NOW, YOU DONT HAVE TO CHOOSE When you order from Salem Press, you dont have to choose which format to purchase. You get both the print and the online for one price.UNLIMITED NUMBER OF USERShttps://online. salempress.com& REMOTE ACCESS INCLUDED With a single print purchase, you get online access for your location. OnlineMORE CONTENT FROMaccess includes an unlimited number ofGREY HOUSE, H.W. WILSON,simultaneous users and remote access atAND THE REFERENCE SHELFno additional cost.The Salem platform is also home to Grey Houses encyclopedias, new encyclopedias SPECIAL PRICING FOR DISTRICTS &from H.W. Wilson and H.W. Wilsons The LIBRARY SYSTEMS Reference Shelf. Just like Salem titles, you getIf youre purchasing content for your schoolfree online access when you buy the print. district or your library system, you qualify for special volume discounts. Contact us at PAST PURCHASES QUALIFY(800) 221-1592 to see how you can saveBoth new purchases and past purchases qualify when all your libraries or schools purchase for free online access. Call (800) 221-1592 to as a group. activate titles already in your collection!GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'