b" and dont forget, all of your Salem Press titles come with FREE ONLINE ACCESS!3Turn the page to learn more about our online databasePRIMARY SOURCES LITERATURE SOCIAL SCIENCES HISTORY CAREERS HEALTHAddress to the Nation on Defense and National Security March 23, 1983My fellow Americans, thank you for sharing your time with me tonight. DEFINING DOCUMENTS DEFINING DOCUMENTSThe subjectiscuss with yo ed a decisio national secuity, is both timely andIN AMERICAN HISTORY IN AMERICAN HISTORY important. TI want to dimely, because I've ll tell you about in a few m ffersr a new hope for our children reachu, peace and n which oinutes. And important because in the 21st century, a decision I' The 1980s The Great there's a very big decision that you must make for yourselves. This subject involves the most basic duty that any President and any people share, the duty to protect and strengthen the peace. At the beginning of this year, I (1980-1989) e yDepressionbest judgment of the best understa submnding of the experts and specitted to the Congress a defense budget which reflects mialists who advise me about what we and our allies must do to protect our people in the years ahead. That budget is mtog perreovu uch more than a long list of num , for behind all the numbers liefseAinm ae sroicma'est aimbielsit yd an anysnt the greatest of human tragediesbers and preserve our free way of lierica strong again after too m (1929-1941)world. It is part of a careful, long-term plan to make Amyears of neglect and mistakes.Our efforts to rebuild America's defenses and strengthen the peace began 2 years ago when increases we first proposed has n the defense program. Since themn, the amount of those provements in management we requested a major increase i been reduced by half, through iand procurement and other savings.The budget request that is now before the Congress has been trimmthe security of the Nation. ed to the limits of safety. Further deep cuts cannot be made without seriously endangering The choice is up to the men and women you've elected to the Congress, and that means the choice is up to you.Tonight, I want to explain to you what this defense debate is all about and why I'm convinced le, and deserving of your that the budget now before the Csupport. And I want to offer hope forongress is necessary, responsib the future.But first, let me say what theeeks you' defense debate is not about. It ve been bombarded with nuis not about spending arithmmbers and percentages. etic. I know that in the last few wSome say we need only a 5-percent increase in defense spending. The so-called alternate budget backed by liberals in the Hpercent, cutting our defense spendinouse of Representatives wouldg by $163 billion over the next 5 years. The trouble withlower the figure to 2 to 3 Page: 60 Page: 66 Page: 68 Page: 73HISTORY CAREERSGreat Events from HistoryT HE2010 S TheFOURTH EDITION Fifty StatesWomensINA MERICA In-Depth, Comprehensive Profiles of Fifty Great States History History EconomyTimeline Environments MapsRankings StatisticsFormation ofthe StatesPage: 78 Page: 86 Page: 89 Page: 96SCIENCE Principles of Careers Careers inEngineeringMicrobiology in BiologySCIENCEPage: 96 Page: 97 Page: 97 Page: 106HEALTH Principles ofPrinciples of Health:Ninth Edition Computer-aidedPrinciples of Health:Allergies &MAGILLS DesignDepressionImmune DisordersSALEM HEALTHMEDICAL G U I D EVolume 1: AbdomenChronic Wasting Disease Page: 106 Page: 117 Page: 117 Page: 1 21GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com"