b'Literature CRITICAL SURVEYS: MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE 17Critical Survey of Mythology & Folklore: s s o s d d G sGo& e d e D IC LO YM CRITSURVEOF YTHO AL GY AN BEST SELLER! LITERATURE Third Edition CRITICALSURVEYOFMYTHOLOGYANDFOLKLOREGods & Goddesses Gods & VIEW THIS BOOKONLINEhttps://online.salempress.com GoddessesReaders will find the well-organized, contextualized, wide-rangingcoverage here convenient and accessible, with many leads to additional research. Library JournalMythology and folklore sets out to describe the fundamental truths within a society. Through FOLKLOREthe stories of gods, goddesses, and other extraordinary beings, they relate the events that define these beings, the world itself, and the people whose gods they are. These myths have been a classic source of inspiration for literature, drama, and art and continue to be studied inVolumeclassrooms around the world. 1 CRITICAL SURVEYS: MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLOREGreekThis set examines the stories associated with gods and goddesses, including: theirThe RomanWorldNorse, Celticrelationships with each other and with human beings; their faults, foibles, strengths, and& Europeanspecial powers. It offers explanations of how the gods and goddesses gifted humans withThe Americaslife, water, fire, music, and dance. 2-VOLUME SET VOLUME 1978-1-6425-115-7 978-1-64265-307-6The 530 essays in the book provide portraits of gods and goddesses from around the globe: SALEM4919 Route 22, PO Box 56Amenia NY 12501Phone: 518-789-8700 | 800-562-2139 PRESS African gods Apedemak, Axum, Cushites, and Divinity Fax: 845-373-6360www.greyhouse.com | books@greyhouse.com www.salempress.com | csr@salempress.comFREE The Greek and Roman pantheon including Poseidon, Nike, and AphroditeOnline Access Aztec & Mayan gods Kokopelli, Viracocha, and the Great Spirit FREE Norse & Celtic gods including Odin, Loki, and Thor Ancient gods from the Far East including Inari, Nezha, and the Dragon King Native American deities including The Great Spirit and Kokopelli AT A GLANCE Egyptian gods and goddesses Ra and Osiris Indian gods and goddesses including Brahm, Krishna, and Ganesha2 Volumes; 530 Entries Middle Eastern gods including Allah, Ishtar, Nammu, and YahwehWorldwide Coverage Gods and stories from the Pacific including Lono and the Myth of MauiThe content in this set is arranged by region and myth cycle. Regions covered include: Africa; the Americas; MapsEgypt; Norse, Celts & Europe; the Far East; Greece; India & Central Asia; the Near East; the Pacific; and the IllustrationsRoman World. Each region begins with a number of Overview essays that provide helpful background information List of entries by Regionon literature, religion, mythology, and art of the region. Each regional section goes on to include Gods & Goddesses, Minor Deities & Significant Figures, Sacred Places, Figures, Practices & Texts, and Selected Tales Chronological List of Storiesfrom the Region. Index of Creation StoriesAll articles include a section devoted to the representation of the gods and their stories in popular culture,ndex of Civilizations, CulturesIdiscussing films, novels, and comic books. In addition to stories about the deities, the set includes maps (and& Sacred Placesinformation about places dedicated to the deities such as forests, wells, lakes, and caves), illustrations, poetry Index of Gods & Goddessesrelated to gods, and creation myths. Valuable back matter includes several Finding Guides that arrange content by region and beliefs, and a Subject Index.Index of Practices & Cults Index of Sacred & ImportantJanuary 2019 | Two Volumes; 600 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-115-7 | Library Price: $295FiguresOTHER TITLES IN THE CRITICAL SURVEY OF MYTHOLOGY SERIESBEST SELLER! BEST SELLER!CRITICAL SURVEY OF MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE CRITICAL SURVEY OF MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORESeptember 2013December 2013January 2013 One VolumeOne VolumeTwo Volumes 516 Pages 326 Pages 984 PagesPrint ISBN:Print ISBN:Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-181-6 978-1-61925-182-3 978-1-4298-3765-1Library Price: $175 Heroes & Library Price: $175 WorldLibrary Price: $295 FREEHeroines FREEMythology FREE Online Access Online Access Online AccessFREE FREE FREEGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'